Calender of Local Events


Diada de Reis (The Epiphany or the Three Wise Kings): On the 5th of January, it is tradition in Catalonia that the Three Wise Kings bring presents to all children on 6th of January. That is why the evening of the 5th January, the Three Wise Kings visit each town in a procession and give out presents.

Town festivals:

  • Small festival in Masos de Pals. January 17th. Tel. 972 636161
  • Regencós. On the nearest Sunday to 22nd of January. Tel. 972 611369


Garoinada in Palafrugell. In January, February and March the restaurants of the town of Palafrugell (Calella, Llafranc and Tamariu), offer this speciality of sea urchin.
The cod cuisine: the 'peixopalo'. Vall d'Aro. In February and March the restaurants of the towns of Castell-Platja D'Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Santa Cristina D'Aro offer specialities in codfish.
Kettle of Fish and 'sea and mountain' mixed fish and meat dish. Calonge. In February and March, the restaurants of the town of Sant Antoni de Calonge offer these specialities.
Carnival in Platja D'Aro. Carnival is usually held in February or March, and represents 'the last fling' before Lent. Well worth seeing is the Carnival procession with floats and fancy dress. There is also a Women's Ball. Tel. 972 817284

Other towns in the region also celebrate Carnival with more traditional activities: For example, in Verges, a large soup is prepared and offered to everyone.


Pals and rice specialities. In March and April, the restaurants in Pals cook dishes made with the rice grown in the area.
Rally Catalonia- Costa Brava. The rally is held in this month, and some parts of it take place in the Gavarres area.


Dansa de la mort (The Dance of Death), in Verges. On Easter Thursday. This is a popular event declared of national interest, where people from the town of Verges play religious scenes from the Bible and followed by a performance dating from medieval times of dancing skeletons. Tel. 972 780007
Procession of the Holy Burial and Manaies (Roman soldiers) in Girona. Easter procession in the capital of the province. Tel. 972 226575
St. George's Day, April 23rd. Book and rose's day. It's a tradition in Catalonia that on this date lovers offer each other a book and a red rose.

Cooking of beans, peas and fish soup d'Escrita (skate fish). Vall d´Aro. During the month of April the restaurants of the villages of Castell-Platja D'Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Santa Cristina D'Aro cook dishes with seasonal vegetables.
Rock Sea fish in Begur. During the months of April and May the restaurants from Begur offer recipes cooked with fish caught in the rocky areas of the coast.
Peratallada Fair. The  fair of handicraft products is celebrated in Peratallada on the last Sunday of April. Tel. 972 645522

Town festivals:

  • Serra de Daró. The last weekend of April. Tel. 972 757120.


La gamba (Prawn). During the months of April, May and June the restaurants from Palamós and Sant Antoni de Calonge offer the famous prawns of Palamós.
Products of vegetable gardens in Peratallada. During the months of April and May the restaurants from Peratallada offer dishes cooked with products from their vegetable gardens.
Girona, Time of flowers. In mid March, the centre of Girona and its most emblematic buildings are decorated by different artists with floral motives. Tel. 972 226575
Spring festival in Palafrugell.The spring festival is like carnival but at a different time of the year, invented by the people in Palafrugell in 1963 during the Franco years when the real carnival was forbidden. People organize cultural and sports activities and on the last Sunday they celebrate with a carrousel. Tel. 972 613100


Blue fish cooking Ganxo. Vall D'Aro. During the months of May and June the restaurants of the villages of Castell-Platja D'Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Santa Cristina D'Aro offer dishes with blue fish of the area.
Tastets de Mar. Medes - Montgrí. During the months of May and June the restaurants of Torroella de Montgrí and l'Estartit offer this speciality.
Sant Joan festival, 23rd June. The night before Sant Joan, all of the villages in Catalunya celebrate this party with fireworks and bonfires.

Town festivals:

  • Palamós. 24th of June, Sant Joan. Tel. 972 600026
  • L'Escala. 29th of June. Tel. 972 774848


Havaneres song festival in Calella de Palafrugell. Celebrated during the first weekend in July and this is a classical begining of summer holidays. The act consist of singing habaneras, traditional sailor songs, by the sea in Calella. Tel. 972 613100.
Maritime religious festival de la Mare de Deu del Carme in Palamós. On 16th of July the fishermen go out to sea with their boats to honour to the Virgin of Carme.

Town festivals:

  • Fontanilles. First Saturday in July. Tel. 972 757404
  • Calonge. Second Saturday in July. Tel. 972 660375
  • Palafrugell. 20th of July. Tel. 972 613100
  • Ullà. The Sunday nearest to 22th of July. Tel. 972 758442
  • Albons. 25th of July. Tel. 972 788005
  • Mont ras. 25th of July. Tel. 972 30974
  • Gualta. 30th of July. Tel. 972 758880


International Music Festival in Torroella de Montgrí. During the summer months, Torroella holds a musical festival by young talents from around the world.
Jazz Festival at Cap Roig, in Calella de Palafrugell. During the summer, Calella organizes several jazz concerts in the Castle of Cap Roig, where you can also visit the botanical gardens during the day.
Wine festival in Pals. In mid August Pals celebrates a wine festival, where you can taste artesan products and different types of wine. Tel. 972 636161

Town festivals:

  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols. 1st August. Tel. 972 327000
  • Pals. The weekend nearest to 4th of August. Tel. 972 636161
  • Peratallada. 6th of August. Tel. 972 645522
  • Parlavà. The first weekend in August. Tel. 972 769288
  • Ullastret. 10th August. Tel. 972 757767
  • La Bisbal d'Empordà. 15th of August. Tel. 972 640975
  • Platja d'Aro. 15th August. Tel. 972 817284
  • Llofriu (Palafrugell). Fourth weekend of August. Tel. 972 613100
  • Torroella de Montgrí. Fourth weekend of August. Tel. 972 757974
  • Bellcaire d'Empordà. 29th of August. Tel. 972 788105


Diada de Catalunya: 11th of September. The national holiday of the autonomous region of Catalunya. It is celebrated in different villages, by dancing 'Sardanes', the traditional Catalonian dance.

Town festivals:

  • Masos de Pals. 8th of September. Tel. 972 636161
  • Torrent. First Sunday inSeptember. Tel. 972 611667
  • Castell - Platja D'Aro. 11th of September. Tel. 972 81 7284
  • Palau Sator. Second Sunday in September. Tel. 972 611667
  • Begur. Third Sunday in September. Tel. 972 624020
  • Cruïlles, Monells, Sant Sadurní de l'Heura. Third Sunday in September. Tel. 972 640573
  • Verges. Third weekend in September. Tel. 972 780007


Poultry Gastronomy fair in Peratallada. In October and November the restaurants of Peratallada cook typical poultry specialities from the area.
Mushroom cooking. Vall D'Aro. During the months of October and November the restaurants of the villages of Castell-Platja D'Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Santa Cristina D'Aro offer dishes with the star product of the autumn: Mushrooms.
Medieval festival at Peratallada. The first weekend of October Peratallada holds a medieval party, with role-playing in the streets, craftsmen and other entertainment. Tel. 972 645522

Town festivals:

  • Albons. 4th of October. Tel. 972 788005.
  • Corçà. First Sunday in October. Tel. 972 630051.


Menu in the bay of Sant Antoni de Calonge. During the months of October, November and December, the restaurants of this village offer a menu with local products.
Fisherman's party, Palamós. During the months of October, November and December the restaurants of Palamós offer old fisherman recipes.
Santa Caterina in Torroella de Montgrí. It is a tradition that on the Sunday nearest to 25th November, day of Santa Caterina, the people of the area meet at the hermitage, situated on the Montgrí, to celebrate the party with sardanas and grilled meat.
Fair at Girona. From 1st of November and for two weeks, Girona celebrates its agricultural fair, which includes several cultural acts. Tel. 972 226575


Niu: plat de taper.  At the beginning of December the restaurants of Palafrugell, Calella, Llafranc and Tamariu offer this typical sea food recipe.
Live nativity scenes. During the days around Christmas, there are real Nativity scenes played in the picturesque villages in the area. The bests scenes are offered at Pals and Castell d'Aro.